[RC5] Filling the gaps

Rick Martin abuse at housemartin.force9.co.uk
Thu Nov 26 23:36:10 EST 1998

dbaker at cuckoo.com wrote:
> On 24-Nov-1998, Rick Martin wrote:
> >
> > My idea to fill the gaps is relatively straightforward:  Those of us
> > with permanent connections (as I have from one machine but not from
> > the others) could look to a proxy which maintains the keyblocks
> We are already able to fill these gaps by simply "recycling" blocks
> that have been MIA for a couple months.  This way, users don't have
> to intervene if they think their client/box/connection is stable.

Fine, but my opint was that you might make a distinction between
computers which have a permanent connection and those which access the
net over a dial-up link.  My home machine (where I am now) is only
online two or three times a week (although I will make an effort in
January for DES-II).  Its in-buff will have a couple of hundred blocks
just after I connect, and sometimes a hundred will be left over from
some days before.  I make a point of letting it go all the way through
and start on random blocks at least every other week in order that
blocks won't be left, as you put it, MIA.  This machine would not be
suitable to do a repeat sweep, but it is suitable for continuing work. 
(FIFO would, as ever, be best, but I work around that for the time

My machine in the office, on the other hand, has a permanent connection,
and so doesn't have "stale" blocks in its in buffer.  It transfers 10
blocks at a time, never has blocks more than a few hours "old", and
would be perfect for a repeat sweep of these old subspaces.

I was just thinking you might dedicate a proxy to allocating the old
subspaces and let us users determine which machines should connect to


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