Win95 service (was: Re: [RC5] DES-II-3 [LONG] [Repost])

Lyndon Drake lyndon at
Tue Sep 1 18:48:39 EDT 1998

> Is there a current way to track who is losing blocks?  Not to point fingers
> but to fix holes - I have  been running for about 90 days and I personally
> have lost about 900 blocks all in one failed personal proxy adventure
> (let me make it clear, it was MY fault), anyway, I know everyone loses
> blocks but is there a mechanism to track out/in.  It could expose holes for
> us to fix!
> Is there a way to track out going blocks to users is what I'm asking - of
> course this doubles the stats machine work load, the proxies also. But would
> it be worth it to see if blocks are being lost - which means time is being
> wasted redoing blocks.

Just as an aside, I am running the Windows 95 service version of the rc5 client.
Looking at the logs, it would appear that the client doesn't save the blocks
in progress when it quits.  Every time the machine is rebooted, two blocks go
into the bit bucket.  This seems to be a bit of a waste.

Can anyone suggest a solution?


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