Win95 service (was: Re: [RC5] DES-II-3 [LONG] [Repost])

. vasudeva at
Tue Sep 1 13:26:25 EDT 1998

> Just as an aside, I am running the Windows 95 service version
> of the rc5 client.
> Looking at the logs, it would appear that the client doesn't
> save the blocks
> in progress when it quits.  Every time the machine is
> rebooted, two blocks go
> into the bit bucket.  This seems to be a bit of a waste.
> Can anyone suggest a solution?
> Lyndon

As the FAQ makes clear, those partially-completed blocks just get buried
inside the 'to-do' file, the buff-in.rc5.  They do get completed eventually,
unless something untoward happens to that file.  The client is smart enough
to know to resume at the proper point whenever it happens upon the partial
blocks again.


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