[RC5] D.U.N.C.E.

Jason Bechtel jbechtel at eng.utoledo.edu
Wed Sep 2 00:26:10 EDT 1998

I use DUNCE in combination with two other little programs to make
entirely unattended dial-ups.  One of the others is the DUN Scripting
add-on for Win95a.  I think it's included in Win95b... don't know about
other Win OS's.  It's well-documented and allows you to program your
login session, so you don't have to be there to type it every time.  Be
sure to disable "bring up terminal screen" options on your dial-up
connection, the script handles this.  The other program is called Push
the Freakin' Button (PTFB).  It allows you to tell it which buttons to
push in which windows after a specified delay.  It's freeware.  I don't
remember where I got it, but it was probably from ZDNet (
http://www.hotfiles.com ).  DUNCE is great, but I needed PTFB to handle
dialogs like "line busy," "you've been disconnected," and "not
answering."  It's also useful for annoying dialogs in overly
user-friendly MS programs. :)

Jason Bechtel

PS:  I just decided to post the two files instead of making you all
search for them...  They are at my website:

C Huffman wrote:
> I am kind of surprised that I don't hear or see more talk about DUNCE from
> Vector Development. It's that program that automates your dial-up
> connection to the net. http://www.vecdev.com/dunce.html
> I'm running it on 6 units so far. And I'd thought that I'd share this with
> anyone who hasn't heard of it yet.
> It allows you to connect AND DISCONNECT automatically at specified times of
> the day, or you can set it for "connect on demand" mode, but it doesn't
> disconnect automatically in that mode.
> Does anyone use this, or is there a better one out there, that I should be
> using?
> Thanks.
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