Win95 service (was: Re: [RC5] DES-II-3 [LONG] [Repost])

Tim Banks filthymonkey at
Tue Sep 1 22:32:13 EDT 1998

--one thing I noticed: Before I knew about the GUIcontroller program, I
was running the client in hidden mode without knowing. I put a shortcut
for the client in Startup(Win95) as well, so 2 blocks disappeared every
time I started up. Each copy of the client that ran seemed to grab blocks
for itself.

On Tue, 1 Sep 1998 17:48:39 +1200 Lyndon Drake <lyndon at>
>> Is there a current way to track who is losing blocks?  Not to point 
>> but to fix holes - I have  been running for about 90 days and I 
>> have lost about 900 blocks all in one failed personal proxy 
>> (let me make it clear, it was MY fault), anyway, I know everyone 
>> blocks but is there a mechanism to track out/in.  It could expose 
>holes for
>> us to fix!
>> Is there a way to track out going blocks to users is what I'm asking 
>- of
>> course this doubles the stats machine work load, the proxies also. 
>But would
>> it be worth it to see if blocks are being lost - which means time is 
>> wasted redoing blocks.
>Just as an aside, I am running the Windows 95 service version of the 
>rc5 client.
>Looking at the logs, it would appear that the client doesn't save the 
>in progress when it quits.  Every time the machine is rebooted, two 
>blocks go
>into the bit bucket.  This seems to be a bit of a waste.
>Can anyone suggest a solution?
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