[RC5] Never Enough...

Etienne Demers-Martel edm at chez.com
Tue Sep 1 19:54:58 EDT 1998

>All are running Win 95B (a Pentium 166, Pentium 75 and a 486DX120). Do we
>have any evidence that the GUI is slower than the text version? I haven't
>seen much difference with adjusting the 'niceness' on either.
Actually, with a 486 DX2 80mhz I did a test

1) Tried each cpu types, and found that the K6 run faster.. like 75,000
kk/s and Intel 80386/80486 ran at 72,000kk/s this is with niceness "2",

With niceness "1" I ran at 68-70,000kk/s with the AMD K6 Optimised Code

Just my experience.


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