[RC5] Why not forget DES-III ?

Alexis Nunes anunes at club-internet.fr
Thu Sep 3 12:15:33 EDT 1998

Well, the time for completion of DES-III seems too short for D.Net, the only
way to work with seems to rebuilt the system, BUT why 'loose' time with this
rebuild, whereas a LOT of people are still waiting for v3 ?

I mean, DES-III is a interesting challenge, very stimulating, but v3 is, I
think ;), a more interesting thing, people are waiting for it since a long
time ago. Spending a lot of ressource for DES-III challenge, and pausing v3
seems... strange to me. ;)

(Indeed, I will to my best for DES-III challenge ;)

Sorry, poor English... ;)

Just my 0.02 Xeu,
    Alexis Nunes

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