Win95 service (was: Re: [RC5] DES-II-3 [LONG] [Repost])

Rob Rogers RRogers78 at
Thu Sep 3 09:45:51 EDT 1998

Is it possible that you have 2 instances of the client running. I was
having a similar thing happen at one time not realizing that I had the
Win95 GUI running in hidden mode and another on running that I manually

Steve Bird wrote:
> Here's a perfect example..
> I'm using the Win32 CLI version on an NT machine running on a P2/266 with
> 64MB of ram.  This machine is left on 24/7/365.
> I get blocks to this machine via sneakernet.
> I requested 300 blocks, however, right now it says that the amount of blocks
> in the buff-out.rc5 file is 256 and the number of files in the buff-in.rc5
> file is 40.  I know that the client works on 2 blocks simultaneously,, but
> what happened to the other 2 blocks??

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