[RC5] DES-II-3 - Yes, BUT!?

dan motion at es.co.nz
Fri Sep 4 00:49:19 EDT 1998

On Thu, 03 Sep 1998 14:22:38 +1200, Stuart Whelan wrote:

>Ahh, correct me if I am wrong, but we don't actually /know/ when the DES-III blocks will be available, do we?

Hmm, well if that is the case then it can still be done with modifications.

The clients will know through hard coding, ini settings, or proxy communications when the contest is supposed to start.

When they hit the starting time they enter a mode whereby they connect after every block to obtain the message. If the message is not available they simply 
continue processing RC5 blocks on disk, checking again at the end of each block. That way if RSA are late in their post, it will be no big deal.

Remember that this scheme assumes the message to be decoded is delivered independantly of key blocks to ensure that message delivery can be performed 
to a large almost simultaneous mass without overloading the proxies.

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