[RC5] Auto starting client in Linux

Bryan Craig Edwards edwardsc at se40.corona.navy.mil
Thu Sep 3 09:24:31 EDT 1998

Thanks you to all who replied.  I have it running on boot up now.  Normally
linux is so stable it never has to be rebooted, but here in Southern
California it has been dreadfully hot and the local utility power has been
flaky of late.  Thus this request.  I also figured out how to do the same
with my key proxy (just like the client...)

Again Thanks for all the help

Craig Edwards
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From: Timothy A. Meushaw <tmeush1 at umbc.edu>
To: Bryan Craig Edwards <edwardsc at se40.corona.navy.mil>
Date: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 10:50 PM
Subject: Re: [RC5] Auto starting client in Linux

>>Can someone please tell me how to start the rc5 client in Linux
>>automatically when the computer boots up? How do I supress the console
>The way I do it is to add a line to /etc/rc.d/rc.local that reads:
>  (cd /root/rc5; exec ./rc5des > /dev/tty9 2>&1 ) &
>The executable is at /root/rc5/rc5des, so change the path for your own
>setup.  It redirects output to /dev/tty9, which you can get to with
>Cntl-Alt-F9 (which isn't used by any programs, so I can still monitor it).
>If you want to get rid of all output, then either redirect to a file, or
>/dev/null, whichever is better for you.  The rc.local file is for
>Slackware;  if you're using another system like Redhat, your mileage will
>vary, but it's whatever file your dist. would use when booting up that you
>can put your own stuff in.  :-)
>Hope that helps!
>Timothy A. Meushaw
>tmeush1 at umbc.edu

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