[RC5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #229

Neil Richardson pc_freak at cats.ucsc.edu
Thu Sep 3 17:33:02 EDT 1998

At 09:49 PM 8/29/98 , you wrote:
>I just read an interesting article on ABCNews.com about a project
>called Seti at home run by the University of California at Berkeley. It's a


   I just wanted to say that I had the good fortune to take a class last
Spring taught by Professor Frank Drake.  One day, after class, the topic of
SETI at home and distributed computing was brought up, and he told me that the
SETI Institute and SETI at home are *not* related organizations.
   In addition, I have been told that SETI at home will be a for-profit
effort, though I am unable to confirm this.

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