[RC5] Re: Auto starting client in Linux

Russ Price rjprice at ais.net
Sat Sep 5 21:36:24 EDT 1998

Bryan Craig Edwards <edwardsc at se40.corona.navy.mil> writes:

> Can someone please tell me how to start the rc5 client in Linux
> automatically when the computer boots up?  How do I supress the console
> output?

I use 'screen' to run clients and my perproxy automatically... I set up
a script which I call /etc/screens.cmd, which I run from my
like this:

/usr/bin/screen -c /etc/screens.cmd

Here's the contents of the /etc/screens.cmd file; I run the rc5 client
perproxy under their own login.

------------- cut here ---------------
deflogin off
chdir /home/dnet/client
screen -t RC5DES 1 su dnet -c /home/dnet/client/rc5des
chdir /home/dnet/proxy
screen -t PerProxy 2 su dnet -c /home/dnet/proxy/rc5desproxyper
------------- cut here ---------------

You might see some error messages flash by, but if you log in as root
and enter 'screen -r' you can bring up the screens.  Use Ctrl-A n to
switch to the next screen, Ctrl-A c to create a new shell prompt,
Ctrl-A d to detach from the screen session while leaving it running,
(RTFM... screen rocks!)

This way, the client and perproxy run in the screen session, which I can
monitor when I feel like it...


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