[RC5] Client "wish" for MP2100

Ralf D. Werner Ralf.Werner at muenchen.org
Sun Sep 6 23:00:43 EDT 1998

I'm taking the risk to ask this here - if you think, I'd better asked
this in the HARDWARE list, delete this message NOW ;)

I'm just wondering if anyone could port the client to a (now obsolete, I
know...) NEWTON MP2100; it has a 160 MHz StrongARM RISC chip - and I'd
like to know, what keyrate this pocket brick could deliver. I'd even be
so mad to get one of the "IMPLANT" speed up kits to tune this machine to
220 MHz...

Maybe this is a hint to the "CE client under construction"-crew:

- implement a "crunch, until the battery level reaches <user defined>",
  then "save blocks" and exit.
- fetch/flush to a p/proxy via IrDA
- "crunch only when connected to the AC adapter" setting

Thank you for your attention,

Ralf "low keyrate" Werner
...desperately waiting for the .418 MMX cores...

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