[RC5] Client "wish" for MP2100

Chris Berry cberry at acorn.com
Mon Sep 7 10:07:40 EDT 1998

Ralf D. Werner wrote:
> I'm just wondering if anyone could port the client to a (now obsolete, I
> know...) NEWTON MP2100; it has a 160 MHz StrongARM RISC chip - and I'd
> like to know, what keyrate this pocket brick could deliver. I'd even be
> so mad to get one of the "IMPLANT" speed up kits to tune this machine to
> 220 MHz...

 A quick calculation on the back of a fag packet (which was hard to
come by, since I don't smoke) says you'd get around 210kk/s with the
latest StrongARM core at 160MHz. At 220MHz, you're looking at around

 I have no idea what is required to build software for the MessagePad,
so I'm not about to volunteer to build a client for it, unfortunately.

> Maybe this is a hint to the "CE client under construction"-crew:

 Good ideas for any handheld client, but I think the "CE client"
refers specifically to WinCE at the moment. I personally would like to
see a client for EPOC 32, but then I'm a little biased.



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