[RC5] NT Performance Problems

Chris DiPierro cd at llamas.org
Tue Sep 8 12:26:06 EDT 1998

I've been using the latest client on NT on a Pentium/166 for a while now,
and for the most part it's fine. When I'm using the system and have the
client set to niceness 0, it gets around 206kkey/sec. And until recently
when I left it overnight (lock the machine /w a pw, but no screen saver)
it had been doing just fine (I also up the niceness to 2). However,
recently, it's been slowing down to 15kk/sec (yes 15) in this overnight
state. I haven't messed with screen savers or power management or
anything. I suspect something's eating CPU cycles (some zombie or
something), but is there any way to log what Task Manager would see at a
given time to prove this?

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