[RC5] PPC FBA client problems

jeffrey jeffrey at scripps.edu
Thu Sep 10 00:36:12 EDT 1998

>I've been trying to get the PPC FBA client installed on some Macs of mine,
>and I haven't been having much luck. The systems (I've tested it on several,
>both MacOS 7.x and 8.0) immediately give a system error and require a restart
>as soon as I launch the client.
>I'd like to get the d.net client running on the Mac labs here on campus 
>the admin has its priveledges :D) but I can't have users tampering with the
>client. Any suggestions? It would be a real shame for D.net to lose 30+ 
>each doing ~650K keys/second. Also, I like having all of those machines push
>me up in the stats. :D

I have had the same problems. Although it isn't as good of a solution you 
may want to try Andrew Meggs version of the FBA. It doesn't do DES, but 
it does do a good, stable job with RC5. I've been running it on about 6 
macs for 200+ days with no problems.


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