[RC5] IP Muliticasting

Dave Marquardt marquard at zilker.net
Thu Sep 10 20:31:38 EDT 1998

"Ray Vanlandingham" <rayvan at javanet.com> writes:
> >If we need a low bandwidth system for sending out the cipher text
> >and IV when DES 3 starts, I suggest we use IP multicasting.  Go
> >to
> >http://www.zdnet.com/products/content/articles/199801/isp.multica
> >st/ for more info.
> Unfortunately, lots of routers still don't support IGMP, so we'd still need
> a backup method. Multicasting would be perfect for announcing the beginnings
> and ends of contests, tho...you could eventually add things like messages
> for the client to notify the user that a new version is available, etc.

Well, you might be able to find volunteers to set up multicast routing
tunnels, but that doesn't do much for someone stuck on the other side
of an ISP that doesn't support IGMP and they also can't join a tunnel
due to lack of software support.


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