[RC5] NT Performance Problems

Chris Robinson czrobin at onaustralia.com.au
Thu Sep 10 22:35:31 EDT 1998

Chris DiPierro wrote:
> I've been using the latest client on NT on a Pentium/166 for a while now,
> and for the most part it's fine. When I'm using the system and have the
> client set to niceness 0, it gets around 206kkey/sec. And until recently
> when I left it overnight (lock the machine /w a pw, but no screen saver)
> it had been doing just fine (I also up the niceness to 2). However,
> recently, it's been slowing down to 15kk/sec (yes 15) in this overnight
> state. I haven't messed with screen savers or power management or
> anything. I suspect something's eating CPU cycles (some zombie or
> something), but is there any way to log what Task Manager would see at a
> given time to prove this?

Will task manager tell you anything about the machine that you don't
already know?

Adding a logging programme may change the way the machine is behaving in
any case.

I presume you have already tried rebooting the machine just before you
lock and leave it.

Your best bet would be to remove everything superfluous before locking
the machine - clocks, calanders, alarms, cron programmes, cpu meters,
network drivers, cd drivers etc etc etc.

If this restores the client performance, bring half the junk back on
line again.  You should be able to figure out what is causing the
problem by a process of simple elimination.

Your other option is run OS/2 instead.  (Just kidding  :-)


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