[RC5] DOS client v2.7100.416

Christopher Downes cdownes at bigpond.com
Sun Sep 13 17:55:07 EDT 1998

I have just upgraded one of my DOS boxes from .412 and got the strangest of 

Warning:  This is a DOS client running in a Windows v3.11 DOS box.
Please use a client specifically built for this platform.

Two questions immediately come to mind.

1. Who wrote this message?

2. Is this person aware that no 16-bit windows client is publicly 

I have a number of Intel boxes that have reasonable CPUs but lack 
sufficient RAM and hard drive capacity to run Windows 95/98.  Accordingly, 
DOS clients are the order of the day.

The DOS clients provide no means of transmitting blocks over a network. 
 Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is perhaps the most logical solution to this 
problem, and allows my DOS clients to share buffer files with a network 
enabled client running on another platform (Linux).  I have not had any 
stability problems with this arrangement up until now.

So I give you two more questions.

1. Is this latest client less likely to run correctly under Win 3.11?

2. Does anyone know of a better way to network the DOS client?

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