[RC5] [ADMIN] State of distributed.net Address - September 14th, 1998

Adam L. Beberg beberg at distributed.net
Mon Sep 14 21:20:48 EDT 1998

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*** News ***

There has been much discussion about future distributed.net contests
in the past few weeks, with much speculation as to where we might go
beyond the realm of RC5 and DES. Anyone subscribed to
rc5 at lists.distributed.net has had their fill of the various discussions
I'm sure. :) The waiting and speculation is now over. We weighed the
pros and cons of many different contests, including ECC, factoring,
GIMPS, and OGR. These are all excellent projects, and we'd love to
tackle all of them, but we had to pick one to start with.
That starting point is...

*drum roll*

OGR, Otherwise known as the search for Optimal Golomb Rulers, the
results of this research have use in many fields, such as radio
astronomy and X-ray crystallography. We have been in contact with the
current OGR people, and they're very happy to join forces with us.
We will be working in the coming weeks on new 2.7200 clients for use
in this contest. Please see http://www.distributed.net/ogr/ for
more information.

Design Contest Results:
After receiving several entries to the Logo Design Contest, I'm happy
to be able to announce that Rayden242 is our winner. The new logo is
being put into a final form now, and will be appearing on a web site
near you soon.

Stats news from Jim "decibel" Nasby:
For the week ending 9/12/98, we did 76.2 million blocks for an average
keyrate of 33,832 Mk/s. This is an increase of 192,604 million blocks
and 598 Mk/s from last week. At 33,832 Mk/s, it will take 16.91 years
to exhaust the keyspace, down from 27.24 years last week, and 78.96
years after our first month on the project (11/22/97). If our rate is
growing linearly at 39,147 blocks per day, we will exhaust the
keyspace in 4.4 years. If our keyrate is doubling every 119 days,
we will exhaust the keyspace in 1.7 years. There are currently 44,000
emails that have submitted blocks in the last 30 days (out of a total
of 89,328 emails).

Server news from Jeff "bovine" Lawson:
An improved web caching mechanism has been designed and deployed over
the last few days and all users should be able to notice a significant
improvement in performance of the stats server when accessing pages.
Additionally, because of the improved caching ability, a significantly
larger portion of the stats server should remain accessible during the
periods that it is offline for its daily updates.

*** Help Wanted ***

We are looking for people with experience and understanding of
the OGR code that are interested in assisting in the effort to ready
new clients. Please contact bovine at distributed.net if you wish to
help out.

I am looking for one or two interested individuals to help me with the
v3 documentation. Taking my notes and napkin scribbles and making
them into something publishable. This is by no means a small task nor
a minor commitment of time. However, you will get to be one of the
first to see most of the v3 materials and help me get the specs done
all that much sooner. If you're in the Minneapolis, MN area, and have
the background for this sort of thing, please let me know.

  Adam L. Beberg
  beberg at distributed.net
  distributed.net founder

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