[RC5] DOS client v2.7100.416

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     Well, if you have a NetWare server and a NIC, you can connect to the
     server from DOS and use shared buffers on the fileserver.  Then, use
     the fileserver to upload/download blocks.

Yes, well that is an option I could try.  I don't have a NetWare server, 
but my Linux server can masquerade as one.   The DOS boxes would when be 
Netware clients.  I can live with that.

The only problem is that as pure DOS boxes they wouldn't be terribly useful 
for anything other than d.net, whereas at present they are occaisionally 
used as 16-bit windows machines (applications and data kept on server).

The only completely ideal solution would be to have a windows 16-bit 

     You could try the Workgroups extension for DOS.  This would let you
     do essentially the same thing as above.

Workgroups extension for DOS? I have never head of this piece of software.

     Otherwise, there aren't too many options for DOS.  I suppose one
     could write an automated e-Mail demon in DOS to fetch/flush from the
     e-Mail site.  Has anybody even thought about this?

You still need a TCP/IP transport upon which to run it.

     Me?  I use Nike-net.

Sneaker-net is something I try to avoid.  I have a number of idle ethernet 
cards so I might as well find a use for them.

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