[RC5] Where do the packets disappear!??

David Baierle (-c) dbai-c at lantanet.cz
Tue Sep 15 15:37:37 EDT 1998


  I've encountered a weird behaviour of your server
rc5stats.distributed.net. Besides the fact, it is overloaded most of the
time, the data returned by are not right. We have installed a
proxyserver and thus know (from logs) how many of block have we

Day    Our Proxy    rc5stats
09/12  2463         912
09/13  2209         775
09/14  3027        2675
Total  7699        4362

Don't you have and idea, where the hack have 3337 blocks disappeared?
I know about the problems the server had during a weekend, but you could
at least write a warning on a web.
It's possible you have already talked on this subject in this
conference, but even it works me in a weird way. Eg. from the 2nd to
17th August I've received only 4 messages! It became better then, but it
seems bad again...

David Baierle

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