[RC5] Where do the packets disappear!??

Scott Dodson scott.dodson at bozax.iainc.net
Wed Sep 16 19:15:29 EDT 1998

Jon Spreha wrote:
> I can not show you numbers since I do not have a proxy server running, but I
> too have noticed that blocks have not shown up on the stats server.
> I had machines running offline on 2 consecutive weekends, about 5 p2-300s.
> One weekend, I submitted the blocks and my keyrate SOARED.  The next
> weekend, I did the same thing, and the keyrate went up by about 20%, nothing
> compared to the ~300% increase the weekend before, ever since, I have not
> had a significant increase when I add blocks in the same manner.

That's because it's based on your whole average since the start.  When
your keyrate increased the first time, it averaged out to be a large
increase, now it's just the difference of a newer keyrate.

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