[RC5] Mersienne crack busted...

Phil Gregory pgreg430 at neors.cat.cc.md.us
Wed Sep 16 17:45:11 EDT 1998

> > Somebody evidently installed the Mersienne(sp?) prime search client on
> > 2000+ AT&T machines.
> This was just mentioned on the Mersenne mailing list.
> Please note that this is somewhat different than the accused's own
> report of the situation, which can be found at
> http://www.scruz.net/~luke/archives/digest/v01_0375.txt

By either account, he did not get the necessary permission to run the
client on the computers.  (I'll grant that the news article makes him out
to be a much more evil person.)

> ``When I
> started working at U S West, all that computational power was just too
> tempting for me.''

This is a really horrid excuse.  Please, people--*get permission first*.
In this case, at least, premission is tremendously better than
forgiveness, especially when forgiveness may not be readily forthcoming.

Thit sentence is not self-referential because "thit" is not a word
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