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Brice D. Fleckenstein ciga at surf-ici.com
Wed Sep 16 22:47:15 EDT 1998

> Windows for Workgroups 3.11 is perhaps the most logical solution to
> this  problem, and allows my DOS clients to share buffer files with a
> network enabled client running on another platform (Linux).

 I used that setup for a while - ran into occasional (once every month
or two months on up to 14 client machines) client crashes, apparently
caused by too many clients trying to access the shared buffer files at
once - may have been a WFWg file locking problem, or any number of other
possibilities - I AM certain it wasn't hardware, as the identical
hardware has been 100% reliable (one extended power outage that ran the
UPSs out of juice excepted) since I converted all of those machines to

 A machine that will run WFWg 3.11 with the LAN stuff enabled should
also be able to run LINUX easily - 8 Megs RAM and 40 Meg HD is plenty,
though 16 Megs RAM is better - you'll likely get a bit better keyrate
(mine went up about 2% on average) AND you'll get better reliability.

 To my knowlage, there IS no other way to network the DOS client that is
practical, unless you're running Novell or LANTastic or the like and
sharing files through THAT.


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