[RC5] fetching by email

Daniel Petrak dpetrak at fct.com
Fri Sep 18 12:52:20 EDT 1998

Well, I wrote earlier [several days ago] about not being able to flush blocks via email, but that seems to have cleared up. Thanks to whoever fixed it.

Now, however, fetching isn't even responding to me.  Is something known to be wrong with this?  I can't efficiently crack keys on my offline PII's unless I can get more blocks to crack...  Now I'm getting a little frustrated that my emails aren't getting to the list, my fetching doesn't work, and I have no idea why.  I've seen no mention of known problems and little updates other than a monthly "state of d.net" address.  I still plan on cracking away, but hearing something would be nice.

Daniel C. Petrak
System Administrator
The FCT Group of Companies

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