[RC5] DOS client v2.7100.416

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sun Sep 20 17:56:48 EDT 1998

Christopher Downes wrote:


>>     You could try the Workgroups extension for DOS.  This would let you
>>     do essentially the same thing as above.
> Workgroups extension for DOS? I have never head of this piece of software.

another item to thank microsloth for... they wrote it but didn't tell
anyone about it... go to http://carol.wins.uva.nl/~leeuw/samba/dos.html
for more information... if you cannot locate the files, let me know... i
have them here and have several DOS only boxes using them...

>>     Otherwise, there aren't too many options for DOS.  I suppose one
>>     could write an automated e-Mail demon in DOS to fetch/flush from the
>>     e-Mail site.  Has anybody even thought about this?
> You still need a TCP/IP transport upon which to run it.

not a problem... the above discussed workgroup stuff has TCP/IP in it...
at least one of my DOS boxes is running most ALL of the available
protocols... TCP/IP, NetBIOS/NetBEUI, IPX/SPX at least... granted,
there's not much of the 640k base memory left to play in but it is
definitely an eye opener when i actually _SHOW_ people a machine doing
the internet without one shred of win any where on it...

i hope the above info is useful... late but useful...

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