[RC5] Where do the packets disappear!??

Daniel Baker dbaker at jeep.ops.neosoft.com
Mon Sep 21 12:36:08 EDT 1998

On 21-Sep-1998, WINKELMANS Gunther wrote:
> > I did read that once a block has been distributed, that block does not 
> get
> > re-issued (unless we would finish without getting the right block).  This
> > would eliminate the possibility of someone else cracking a buffered block
> > and submitting before I.
> A few months ago the keyserver was not big enough to hold all blocks. 
> Instead it could only contain 4 subspaces.

The keymaster has been greatly expanded thanks to user donations.  We
currently have 12 keyspaces mounted and have the capability of having
up to 40.

> This resulted in blocks being recycled after ONE MONTH: subspace no. 5 
> could only be started when subspace no. 1 was completely terminated.
> At that time everybody was advised to throw inbuffers away after one month 
> and to get fresh ones.

It has been upgraded and keyspaces are left to sit for at least six
months before they are recycled.



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