[RC5] Quick positive press effort

Steve Bird sbird at UATC.com
Mon Sep 21 16:26:08 EDT 1998

Also, I want to say that this is what we need.  This is why projects like
this and SETI at Home <mailto:SETI at Home>  and other projects with no $$$ prize
are worth almost more to d.net.  The publicity they bring in would get us a
LOT more users.  Then if another DES - quickie challenge comes along we
could switch over and nail it for some $$$ and keep going with the research
side of d.net

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		     This is innocuous.  It has a tested core.  It could
easily result in 
		     positive press for D.Net.  Hacking out a few more
milestone digits 
		     would take essentially no time.  [Eyeballing the "top
		     page there indicates that they've used 5-10 P5/90 CPU
years so far.  
		     D.Net could duplicate that in < 20 minutes working as
hard as we did 
		     Not that finding digits of \pi is intrinsically more
		     than cracking encryption challenges, but the press
doesn't seem to 
		     be so much prejudiced against the process.

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