[RC5] Client Features for v3

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Tue Sep 22 13:00:39 EDT 1998

Chris Eaton wrote:
> At 04:15 PM 20/09/98 , you wrote:
> >errrrr... unless i'm missing something... the clients already do
> >this...  all my clients are set to 10000 lines and once they hit that
> >size, they don't grow over it... what's wrong with that?
> What did you have to set to make the client do this? I have never seen this
> option before.

it's generally in the section where you set whether or not you want the
logs emailed to you...

note, however, that i may be operating under a misconception and that
that 10000 line setting may be used only to limit the size of the

in either case, my win95 clients are maintaining about 65k log files
whereas my OS/2 clients have approached and surpassed the 2.5meg
point... i'm not aware of how things are on other platforms... OS/2 in
my main OS and the win95 stuff is to simply keep the lemmings errr...
sheep ack... uh... natives yeah, that's it... to keep the natives
happy... <<<GGG>>>

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