[RC5] Multiple Clients sharing

Christian Koelker koelker at kawo2.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Sep 23 19:45:00 EDT 1998


>I have a unix cluster with a number of machines using a common disk area.
>It is pretty obvious I can share the executable, and perhaps even the .ini
>file it reads.  But what about the buff-in and buff-out files?  I'd love to
>have a single NFS-mounted rc5des directory and have all the machines simple
>run that executable.  However, I'm thinking I might need a directory for
>each machine so each machine has it's own buff-in and buff-out files that
>are specified via the -in and -out arguments.

that's no problem
I'm using the same buffers and inis for several machines, even with
different platforms (alpha, HP-UX, Linux, WinNT). I've only different
clients and inis for the different platforms. 
Just starting the client with 
	./rc5des-linux -ckpoint $HOSTNAME.rc5 -in buff-in.rc5 -out buff-out.rc5
	./rc5des-hpux ...
and so on - for each platform an individual ini
It runs fine and makes no problem. 


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