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At 11:52 18/09/98 -0500, you wrote:
I think the only think you can do , is send the request several times.
But as far as I have tried before, the fetching by mail method can only
fetch for the 28 bits size block, and not more than 100 blocks per reply
from the server.
I don't know this is a bug or not, but I suggest to use a computer that can
connect "freely" to internet, and fetch about 900 blocks for the 31 bits
So it is equal you fetch 8 X 900 blocks = 7200 block the 28 bits size, and
this is enough to make your Pentium II "can't rest up" for about 2 weeks
and more.

>Well, I wrote earlier [several days ago] about not being able to flush
blocks via email, but that seems to have cleared up. Thanks to whoever
fixed it.
>Now, however, fetching isn't even responding to me.  Is something known to
be wrong with this?  I can't efficiently crack keys on my offline PII's
unless I can get more blocks to crack...  Now I'm getting a little
frustrated that my emails aren't getting to the list, my fetching doesn't
work, and I have no idea why.  I've seen no mention of known problems and
little updates other than a monthly "state of" address.  I still plan
on cracking away, but hearing something would be nice.
>Daniel C. Petrak
>System Administrator
>The FCT Group of Companies
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