[RC5] Multiple Clients sharing

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Thu Sep 24 16:09:07 EDT 1998

On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Jeff Shepherd wrote:

> [ If this isn't the correct list to be posting a question like this to,
> please let me know at <jeff at trg.saic.com>. /js ]
It IS the right place.
> I have a unix cluster with a number of machines using a common disk area.
> It is pretty obvious I can share the executable, and perhaps even the .ini
> file it reads.  But what about the buff-in and buff-out files?  I'd love to
> have a single NFS-mounted rc5des directory and have all the machines simple
> run that executable.  However, I'm thinking I might need a directory for
> each machine so each machine has it's own buff-in and buff-out files that
> are specified via the -in and -out arguments.

Well, this is no problem at all. Just run the clients on the same
.ini and buff files. I do it on this 30-machine cluster.
One drawback: If you have a mix of architectures in your cluster, you
might specify a different buff-in for each architecture. If you
shutdown a client and it saves the block back to buff-in, and
aanother architecture picks it up again, it resets the block to 0%
done, because each architecture processes a block in a different way.
So, I have a script like:
if $ARCH="sun4" then exec rc5des -in buff-in.rc5.sun4
if $ARCH="linux" then exec rc5des -in buff-in.rc5.linux
etc. etc.

O, and you cannot share checkpoint files, but since you're running
Unix and since Unix boxes are rebooted VERY VERY rare, you don't need
checkpointing anyway. It saves the current block a lot of times
during the process, so it can pick up after a system crash or so.
Don't need that on a Unix box.



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