[RC5] "Dead" contributors

Stephen Caplan caplan at ee.ualberta.ca
Fri Sep 25 13:52:19 EDT 1998

> On another note - to help increase distributed.net power, how about an
> automated reminder to those who haven't contributed blocks in x weeks,
> or x% longer than they usually take.  I'm sure there are people who
> reinstalled windows (or whatever os they use), nuked rc5 and never
> bothered, or forgot to reinstall it.  A gentle reminder, with download
> links, might get some people back on board.

  No.  Absolutely do NOT do this.  There is already far to much spam on
  the net.  Such a bulk mailing is completely unjustified.

  If people know about RC5 and want to run a client, they will.  If they
  ran it for a day to see what it was all about and decided it wasn't
  worth their time, their should not be bothered by us.

Stephen Caplan
Vice President
Distributed Computing Club
University of Alberta

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