[RC5] BeOS Client

Jerome Lamarque globulle at club-internet.fr
Sun Sep 27 23:33:38 EDT 1998

Hi folks,

As everyone knows, there's gonna be a new 2.7200 version of the clients to
integrate OGR.

The BeOS client is only a 2.7019.402 version. It's not standalone and has
no graphical user interface.

So, will there be a v2.7200 client for BeOS (PPC AND x86). I have here a
BeBox waiting for this new client.

CUL8er in the Dumpster.
Jerome "globule" Lamarque FCSM RC5's Official Translater
"In life there are three kinds of people.
Those who can count... and the others."<mailto:globulle at club-internet.fr>

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