[RC5] "Dead" contributors

George D. Nincehelser george at secunet.com
Fri Sep 25 13:06:51 EDT 1998

>>On another note - to help increase distributed.net power, how about an
>>automated reminder to those who haven't contributed blocks in x weeks,
>>or x% longer than they usually take.  I'm sure there are people who
>>reinstalled windows (or whatever os they use), nuked rc5 and never
>>bothered, or forgot to reinstall it.  A gentle reminder, with download
>>links, might get some people back on board.

>That would be spamming no matter how "gentle" the reminder would be.
>There are probably thousands of unactive emails in d.net databases,
>and they surely wouldn't be happy to receive another mail.

No.  That wouldn't be spamming.  They know who d-net is.  They gave
d-net their address.  If they are upset if d-net sends e-mail to check
on their status, then they're just a little too anal IMHO.

If there is no response to the e-mail, just mark them down as "inactive"
and that's that.

There is no SPAM issue here.

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