[RC5] "Dead" contributors

Ryan Schmidt berrytech at bigfoot.com
Sat Sep 26 14:14:04 EDT 1998

>>On another note - to help increase distributed.net power, how about an
>>automated reminder to those who haven't contributed blocks in x weeks,
>>or x% longer than they usually take.  I'm sure there are people who
>>reinstalled windows (or whatever os they use), nuked rc5 and never
>>bothered, or forgot to reinstall it.  A gentle reminder, with download
>>links, might get some people back on board.

>That would be spamming no matter how "gentle" the reminder would be.
>There are probably thousands of unactive emails in d.net databases,
>and they surely wouldn't be happy to receive another mail.

You think so? I'm not sure it would be, if phrased correctly. The message
could simply remind the person that they haven't submitted any blocks in 2
months, and provide the URLs to download the latest client for their
platform. Maybe even tack on news that has occurred since they last
submitted a block -- like the ORG announcement, or a new-DES-contest
announcement. Finally, the note should state that, if they do nothing, they
will never receive another e-mail about it.


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