[RC5] beowulf & rc5des

David Cantrell david at wirestation.co.uk
Fri Apr 2 03:41:46 EST 1999

> The administrative reduction in starting, stopping, and controlling a
> single app for 10s to 100s of machines is significant - especially when
> the existing infrastructure is there.

Not really.  I stop/start a particular application plenty of times per 
day on my machines here, using a simple perl script and rsh.  The perl 
script sees which machines are available (by pinging them) and uses rsh 
to remotely execute my commands on them.

However, with the rc5des client, you don't _need_ to stop it.  It runs 
at such a low priority that any other application which tries to run on 
the machine will not suffer at all.  Oh alright, that's not _entirely_ 
true, but I estimate that the speed of my rendering farm is down by a 
staggering 0.5% because all the machines are cracking RC5, based upon 
the results of top and ps.

Oh, and for those who expressed an interest in distributed rendering a 
few months ago - I've got it working ;-)  Contact me privately for 

David Cantrell - http://www.ThePentagon.com/NukeEmUp/

Not to be confused with David Cantrell <david at slackware.com>

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