[RC5] plunging keyrates

Michael L. Dawson mdawson at ix.netcom.com
Thu Apr 1 12:03:07 EST 1999

I had a similar experience that may or may not apply to you, but I pass it along
in case nobody else has run into this problem. I was changing out a modem and
found that if the client is set to lurk and no physical hardware actually
exists, then the client would lock up with ctrl alt del being the only way out.
I haven't experimented with changing out a network card, and I'm not going to.
>From now on, whenever I do a hardware changeout like that, I will set the client
to run in offline mode first!


Brian Wilson wrote:

> But as a side note... Not having really solved the problem on the first
> machine, the Intel, I just chalked it up to randomness and moved on.  I
> started up a screensaver;  Marquee, nothing big, started up after 30 minutes
> or so (with a loving message to my wonderful wife, when she got on the
> computer some time after I left for work).  However, there have been three
> instances now where the marquee has frozen in mid-message, and ctrl-alt-del
> (task manager for '95) reveals that rc5desg is not responding.  I tried an
> 'End Task' on it, but not much seemed to be accomplished beyond some hard
> drive activity.  I then just rebooted the computer (starting over on the
> block it was on :P) and things seem to be okay... but that's happened three
> times now.  Any ideas at all there?  Or is that the 'Screen Saver' behavior
> thread that I've been too lazy to read for the past n days?

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