[RC5] Reporting which is REALLY busy

Jon Spence jon_spence at bigfoot.com
Tue Apr 6 02:32:07 EDT 1999

This is taken from the readme.nw in my copy of the client.

Beginning with version 2.7020.403, the client will, when possible,
insert itself into the Idle Loop (called the 'Polling Loop' on NetWare
3.x) just like PSERVER does, which allows it to control processor
usage far more precisely than it could before. Thus, it will appear as
if the client was using no processing power at all.  This feature was
added when users noted that some load-sensitive tasks such as file
server backup would not run well when the client was active. This was
traced to what appeared as 'high' processor utilization which caused
those jobs to reschedule themselves because they believed the file
server to be heavily loaded.  Unfortunately, using the polling loop
for for cpu intensive work can degrade system performance on slower
machines. To disable polling use '-nopoll' on the command line.

Hope this clears it up.

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