[RC5] Proposal of organization of effort to win prime number contest

Frank D. Wills fdwills at softevolve.com
Thu Apr 8 00:06:05 EDT 1999

Proposal of organization of effort to win prime number contest

Given that we can determine:

    * Who else is working on this and what their resources are,
    * What kind of resources (machines) we would need to have 
       an appealing probability of winning the prize,

What about setting up a coop program like this:

    * organization of attempt at prize (i.e. administration of 
       all aspects, with groups or individuals responsible for 
       different administrative tasks or activities,) including:
        - creation of client software,
        - creation of server software,
        - administration of oversight accounting (investment of 
          money, collection of contributions to effort, keeping of 
          data on people and machines involved in effort, and etc?)

    * coop program would accept membership in effort, which 
       would include:
        - machines participating in effort, and level of machine 
          machine devotion to effort (not that this would be a 
          fixed level, but just informative,)
        - means of measuring amount of work done on effort 
          and submitting this to core server(s) for record keeping 
          of how much work was being done by all the machines 
          belonging to each member (individual or organization,)
        - accounting of money contribution by each member 
          towards effort,
        - money contributions accepted from members which 
          would go towards necessary expenses (which would 
          be kept at a minimum,) and towards advertising to 
          attract membership,
        - any leftover money would be returned to members 
          having contributed the money in a manner which would 
          keep the percentage contributed by each member the 
          same as if all the money had been used,

    * prize, if won, would be distributed as follows:
        - a percentage or fixed amount would go to d.net,
        - the remaining amount would be distributed to all 
          members on the basis of:
            + machine work done,
            + money contributed to effort,
            + percentage of prize distribution go be gained 
              by each member on the basis of the above two 
              items would be predetermined.

    * web pages made available, and perhaps email sent 
       to members on a periodic basis (weekly perhaps) 
       that would give a current accounting of effort, 
       including current members and their machines 
       devoted to the effort, and the money contributed 
       by each member to date, and the status of the 

    * a determination of the optimal level of membership 
       and resources best devoted to the effort, measured 
       on the basis of:
       - current level of outside competition for prize,
       - dilution of winnings by the number of member 
         count and resources (money for advertising and 
        - some decided means of determining this optimum 
          level of effort. Members would decide (perhaps 
          vote) on the following:
            + how diluted the efforts probability of winning 
              was becoming as a result of outside efforts,
            + how diluted the potential winnings were becoming 
              due to level of member machines and money 
              contributions (calculated on the basis of money 
              being used, not just contributed so that a member 
              would not be able to buy such a level of potential 
              winnings that it would excessively dilute the 
              winnings potential of other members.)

    The goal of this organization would be to maximize the 
probability of winning the prize, and allow a measured level 
of contribution by a controlled level of members and member 
contribution of resources (controlled by existing members,) 
so that existing members would experience an acceptable 
balance of probability of winnings and potential winnings 
percentage and level of devoted resources (money and 

    The first step would be to accept initial membership 
towards effort (all existing members of d.net would be 
included.) Members of d.net would indicate interest in 
joining effort to win contest prize. A time period would 
be set to allow all existing d.net members to become 
members of group being formed to win contest prize.
After this time period new members would be 
accepted for set time periods as existing members 
determined new optimal levels of member resources 
were desired. This changing level of desired member 
resources (initial appeal would be made to existing 
members to contribute more money and machines 
before soliciting or allowing new membership,) would 
be determined on the basis of perceived outside 
efforts being made to win prize.

    Finally, we would have to initially determine what 
level of effort would be worthwhile to existing 
members interested in joining effort to win prize. 
What level of effort in general, which would guide 
the level of organization and resources put into effort 
from the outset. Some members may be more interested 
in participating in the bootstrap effort required to 
initially organize and analyze such an effort. These 
bootstrap members would have the option of becoming 
a part of the administrative and productivity groups 
(programmers, web site administrators and programmers,) 
which would be a part of the effort.

 Frank D. Wills
 SoftEvolve Corporation
 P. O. Box 7028
 Bellevue, WA 98008
 (425) 861-8228
 fdwills at softevolve.com

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