[RC5] Proposal of organization of effort to win prime number contest

David Illsley easysearch at geocities.com
Thu Apr 8 21:16:08 EDT 1999

This is certainly an interesting proposal, but is Frank Wills offering to
put up the initial capital, and effort required to "bootstrap" the

The other problem with this idea, is the amount of admin required, and the
legal issues which surface. This idea would concern the distribution of
money all over the globe, on a perhaps regular basis. It would also require
massive processing power just to calculate winnings, without even
correlating the findings. So, while I like the general idea, I believe that
this particular proposal is too complex with regard to distribution of money
(each member would probably only win $1, which is £0.75, 7 French Francs,
etc. which would hardly cover an envelope, and stamp to send out the money
in international cheques whinc have a significant currency conversion
value.) Therefore, I believe that this would be a good idea to set up, and I
would voulenteer, if these issues are dealt with, possibly with the
distribution of winnings worked out in a similar way to d.net (I'm not sure
how this would work).

Any more opinions?
David Illsley

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