[RC5] SETI@Home has begun?

Sami Sundell ssundell at fun13.suvela.hoas.fi
Thu Apr 8 01:00:15 EDT 1999

> I think that SETI at Home will captivate lots of current D.Net

I don't know how many... but at least in SETI you may _achieve_
something. RC5-64 has been in progress for a year and a half now - so
what? If someone finds the right key, we still haven't proven anything -
except that breaking it takes a long time.

SETI on the other hand is supposed to be something exciting - you are
actually doing something useful. I think it will attract people, yes.

> What you think ? But anyway, I really don't like the idea of a screen
> If they do not make a "normal" gui client available, they will
restrict a
> lot of people...

That's true. If they don't make a normal client, I probably won't
install it to my Windows machine. When I use my computer, I tend to use
it continuously, there's no time for a screens saver to kick in. And
when I'm not using my computer, I probably won't keep it on just to
watch a cool screen saver do its job.

On the other hand, my Linux machine is on continuously, so there
SETI at Home will work fine as it is - well, Linux client isn't a screen
saver anyway.

At the moment I have to say that client sucks. It outputs tons of
useless data and gets only one block at a time - on the other block is
300kB, so on slower connections it would be hell to download several
blocks anyway.
Downloading only one block at a time also results in other unwanted
behavior. If I set up that kind of thing, it would be great if it worked
as rc5 - quietly in the background, recovering minor error situations.
But no, if it can't connect server to upload its data, it exits. Damn.

Well, it's version 0.42 so there's bound to be some problems. I hope
that future releases won't be memory hogs as this one - taking 13MB
memory isn't nice for a small background process...

 Sami Sundell
 ssundell at fun13.suvela.hoas.fi

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