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Sebastian Bergmann bergman at informatik.uni-bonn.de
Thu Apr 8 11:47:28 EDT 1999

David Taylor schrieb:
> It dumps a ton of data to text files (I imagine you could kill the client,
> and mark everything as 100%, and the client would just send the data back,
> but there isn't much point as they dont have stats :)).

And even if they had stats I wouldn't do that. Imagine you get a "block"
of data which indeed has the information of extratrrestrial life /
intelligence in it and mankind will never know about it because you faked
the data. Just a thought.

> It doesnt appear to support buffering - it just downloads 1 'block' sends
> it back, gets more, etc.. And it spews out a large amount of stuff like:

It's a first version. I have heard the Windows client will feature a
graphical representation of the data that's beeing checked / worked on.

> Which is all very exciting.......

Guess the excitement when the telephone at SETI rings which has never
ringed before and is connected only for one purpose ;)


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