[RC5] SETI@Home has begun?

John Ya-ya keybounce at bigfoot.com
Wed Apr 7 14:31:23 EDT 1999

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On 07-Apr-99 rmc at rmc.eti.br wrote:

> I think that SETI at Home will captivate lots of current D.Net contributors...
> What you think ? But anyway, I really don't like the idea of a screen saver.
> If they do not make a "normal" gui client available, they will restrict a
> lot of people...

        It could give you the opportunity to run two clients at once on the
same machine, however.  On a Windoze box the SETI thing runs as a screen saver,
so it runs only when you're not actively pushing buttons or using the mouse. 
The rc5des client runs all the time in the background.  So, unless you're one
of those who must have the higest possible keyrate, you can run rc5des *and*
SETI at home.  Rc5des does its work while you work (I've noticed that even when
I'm keeping myself fully occupied it still has about 90% CPU usage, which
affects the performance of my system not at all -- maybe if you're compiling
that new kernel rc5des stops for a while ;) ), and when you go away the SETI
thing can work.

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