[RC5] Proposal of organization of effort to win prime number contest

Paul Ross paul at pilat.com
Fri Apr 9 14:15:30 EDT 1999

Each member getting part of the winnings? The winning computer getting any

I read the original idea to mean that if we were to turn all our efforts to
winning this contest, we'd be nearly sure of victory. dnet would keep the
money to fund ongoing stuff, like hardware, advertising, anything else we
can think to spend the money on. Maybe some to charity.

Then we could get back onto the code cracking and maybe be in a better
position to do so - better infrastructure, better hardware, etc, etc.

If I wanted the money myself, I'd have no chance. Sure, I could join the
current effort but I know I'd have better odds winning the lottery.

If we all swapped to this for a short time, grabbed the money and I knew
dnet would be getting it, I'd be happy. I'd stay here. I'd swap.

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