[RC5] SETI@Home has begun?

N. H. hopper at jewishmail.com
Fri Apr 9 16:29:18 EDT 1999


On Wed, 7 Apr 1999 13:33:12    Faunce, Mike wrote:
>Why is a screen saver bad?  Set your screen saver to 1 minute. 

The screen saver promo shots on the seti site look pretty damn sharp. It sure beats a bar that says "block progress"

>I'm bored with RC5-64, I've been running it for over a year.  I've stopped
>in on many of my PC's. It does have noticeable effects.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to think this. I've run it on Macs and NT boxes. On the Mac, the client is particularly selfish. While that may be due to the OS, I've other apps that seem to share time just fine.

I have a roomate who ran the client on his ThinkPad. He's no computer guru. But when he says, "I quit runnin that cracker thing because it messes up the system," that should serve as a warning. If a problem is severe enough for him to notice, it's a major problem.

RC5 is getting old. I'm looking forward to the OGR, or prime number quest, if they ever begin.

Nathan Hopper

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