[RC5] Proposal of organization of effort to win prime number contest

Roby Van Hoye DeRoby at mail.dma.be
Sat Apr 10 23:48:19 EDT 1999

At 20:16 08/04/99 +0100, David Illsley wrote:
>This is certainly an interesting proposal, but is Frank Wills offering to
>put up the initial capital, and effort required to "bootstrap" the
>The other problem with this idea, is the amount of admin required, and the
>legal issues which surface. This idea would concern the distribution of
>money all over the globe, on a perhaps regular basis. It would also require
>massive processing power just to calculate winnings, without even
>correlating the findings. So, while I like the general idea, I believe that
>this particular proposal is too complex with regard to distribution of money
>(each member would probably only win $1, which is £0.75, 7 French Francs,
>etc. which would hardly cover an envelope, and stamp to send out the money
>in international cheques whinc have a significant currency conversion
>value.) Therefore, I believe that this would be a good idea to set up, and I
>would voulenteer, if these issues are dealt with, possibly with the
>distribution of winnings worked out in a similar way to d.net (I'm not sure
>how this would work).
>Any more opinions?
>David Illsley

Why not do this 'the ordinary way' ??

Let D.net become a user on GIMPS, redistribute the errr, keys. (might be
tricky, although...) and let the winner have 20% of the revenues, 20% goes
to D.net (v3 servers) and the rest is given to a good cause (medical help
for Kosovo for instance)
It can't be that difficult to include the Prime client inside the D.Net
client as the source code comes for free..

My $0.02


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