[RC5] Idea for helping to expand the number of systems running.

Chris Eaton tridus at inforamp.net
Sun Apr 11 11:58:22 EDT 1999

I just see one problem with this... a lot of the people who I sell computer
systems to are relative newbies and would have no idea how to do anything with
the client. A lot of them are already overwhelmed with the Internet, and adding
another thing just compounds the problem. Besides, most of them don't have the
Internet when they first get their computer, so I'm not sure what email addy to
set them up for, or if they will even get on to send their blocks in.

Now for everyone who I do sell a computer to that is experienced and has Net
Access quickly, I always tell them about d.net and ask if they would like to
join in. I've expanded my team by about 4 members that way so far (hey we're a
small team :) )

At 10:57 AM 09/04/99 , you wrote:
>I had an idea for how Independent Consultants, VAR's , and others could
>help get more people involved in distributed.net. If they could give a
>small discount to a client or customer if as part of their work they
>permitted distributed.net client software to be installed and configured
>on their systems(s). To benefit the people doing the install, one
>requirement could be that the installer gets to specify what Team that
>persons starts on (probably his own), the client could always change it
>later, but many people may never change it.
>This does require people to give up a little bit of income, but an
>active person could greatly increase the odds of his team getting the
>correct key. The amount of the discount would of course be up to the
>people giving the discount.
>This would be done WITH THE PERMISSION of the person who has the system!
>VAR's could also ship systems with distributed.net S/W already
>installed, but the documentation had better tell the customer about it
>so they know it's available.
>Wilcoxon at pioneerplanet.infi.net
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