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Sun Apr 11 21:57:03 EDT 1999

But remember,

The same people who is used to get screen savers running, always change them
from time to time, because they get "bored".

So, I really didn't figure out why a screensaver so far. A nice gui client
would be great. And hey, they also know that there is distributed.net. What
I mean is, why not make a client as slick as it is ???


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]Personally I think SETI is a waste of time, however I think 
]that for how
]young their client is that they are doing very well.  Do any of you
]remember the bitchall client back in the day?  It takes awhile 
]to build up
]a sophisticated system and clients.  I very much like their screensaver
]idea for workstations/home computers because people are used to
]screensavers already.  It would be easy to convince my boss to add a
]screensaver to our labs, but it has been very hard getting 
]permission to
]add the service client.
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